Timeline of my work life


Welcome to ‘A Philosopher’s Underwear’. If you find this name weird, have a look at the background story. And you will find it weirder.

If you aren’t yet impressed by this super sexy picture of mine, let me put myself in words. Sounds desperate, right? Small townies, I tell you.

Here is the timeline of my work experiences:

Copy Editing: Working as a full-time editor at Papertrue.com since July 2017.

Freelance Creative Writer: I help Filtercopy.com in their mission of serving the world with freshly brewed content.

Storytelling: Performed at the literary club – ‘Sahitya Adda’, where I narrated a short story written by me, on February 24, 2017.

Amazon: Got an ebook published at Kindle Store, on January 25, 2017.

Newsletters: Worked as an article curator and published long-form newsletters in May – June 2016.

Guest Posts: Got my articles accepted as Guest Posts on lifeasahuman.com and lifeoptimizer.org in July 2016.

College Theatre: Acted in 4 college plays. Wrote and co-directed 1 of them.

Blog: Launched a blog named, ‘A Philosopher’s Underwear’ on December 25, 2015, and have been updating it regularly.

Print Magazine: Published a print magazine in January 2014. Gathered local sponsors and sold enough copies to make the venture profitable.

Online Magazine: Published an online magazine in 2013. Coordinated different writers and artists, and edited their pieces.

Content Writer: Worked as a content writer at contentholic.com in June and July, 2012.

Novel: Wrote a 150-page draft, in 2012, currently in the process of editing and rewriting.

Student Editor: Head of School’s Editorial Board during 2011- 2012

Having said all this…

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