Behind The Scenes of Getting Hurt

If getting wounded was really terrible, that limping soldier won’t come home with pride-filled eyes. If separation in love was the end of the world, she wouldn’t be dancing on the breakup song that evening. Physical pain is nothing but a sensation. Emotional pain is nothing but inform. It all depends on you how you…

Perfection: Chasing one’s own tail

Perfection is the dream of every amateur. And it is one of the reasons why he is still an amateur. Chasing perfection prevents us from shipping. And procrastinating on shipping prevents us from moving on to the next thing. An expert, on the other hand, is the one who knows when (and how long) she…

​Incognito Mode

He slowly peeped into his father’s study when everyone was asleep in the afternoon. Closing the doors and pulling the curtains, he opened the laptop. Switching to the ‘incognito mode’, he waited impatiently for the WiFi to finish connecting. The next moment he jumped onto the keyboard and googled: How to Become A Full-time Painter

Are you healed? 

Can you talk about your weaknesses in public? Can you be aware of your insecurities and still choose to be vulnerable? Can you make fun of those times when you fucked up big time? If so, then know that you are healed. Or, you are close.

Not to let the colours go

We don’t strive to reach for the bright yellow , because we are afraid to fall in the black. We refrain from expressing the red of our love in a grand style, because we are afraid of the blues that might follow. This Holi, let’s pledge to colour our lives with every possible colour of…

Seeing an ambulance

“Oh shit, someone’s life is in danger.” “Oh nice, someone’s life is being saved.” A little change in attitude about how we perceive things around us, can make a huge difference in the quality of our living. “Oh Wow, the food doesn’t taste good yet again. Now I can eat less, digest better, and work…

Overcoming Expectations

Realise that life is bigger than the little story in your head about how things must happen. It is not to run away from expectations, because the more you try to run, the more they chase you. It is just to realze its triviality. 

Mind your mind

Our problem is not that we lack knowledge, the problem is that we know a lot . And that is why life bypasses us, while we are busy mulling over our own fanciful ideas of how life should be. Once we learn how to drink directly from the elixir of life, we won’t need any…

 If you were the only creature on the planet

Most of our desires arise from comparing ourselves from others. You want an iPhone, because your friend has one. You want to make money because you have seen those gleaming faces in magazines.  What would you desire if you were the only creature on the planet? It is a moving question I came across in…

The owner of the universe

You understand that nothing belongs to you. Not you assets, not you relationships, not even your body. The day that realization comes from within … Suddenly you own everything single thing in the cosmos.