It is a blessing being alone on your birthday

Today is my birthday, but not a single friend of mine wished me. I am so angry. It is distracting me from my studies. How should I deal with it?
My answer at Quora: It is a blessing if you ask me. I deliberately switch off my cell phone and go somewhere quiet on my birthdays. Birthday is not a time to waste replying to fake wishes.
There is nothing about birthdays that need to be celebrated if you ask me. It is a day when another year of your life has passed away – just like that.
You have one less year to live. It is time you spend some time looking inside yourself (instead of your fb timeline) and do some serious audit of your life.
Are you living your life the way you want to? Are you clear about what you truly want in life? Are you putting serious efforts in that direction? Are you doing what you really want to, or are you just following the herd?
Now that you have one less year to live, such questions of self-reflection become all the way more important.
Oh, and btw…
Happy birthday.
– A friend

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  1. Dear Saurabh, I am someone who ‘likes to celebrate’ my birthdays; though my idea of celebration is certainly not the party kind, but a quiet time doing something special. Of course, birthday-special self-reflection is a part of that and I count that as nothing less than celebration. The very thought of having successfully completed so many years of my life, through thick and thin, is reason enough to appreciate myself and celebrate my existence. Nonetheless, in spite of this preference for quietude, each year I receive no less than 25-30 birthday wishes, which also I appreciate (these are all the grateful souls who return the greeting for my committed wishing on their birthdays every year).

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