Because you cannot wait to go viral…

For a long time, I created much content – some good, some bad –  and shared it with all my followers. But I always wondered why wasn’t I moving any forward in my craft.

It is only later that I realized that in art, getting to fellows is as important as follows. That means, how many people do you know who do the same kind of work that you do? You need a powerful network of people who are willing to promote you, collaborate with you, and tell stories about you to make it big as an artist.

Without it, you can only expect that a miracle happens, your content suddenly goes viral, and suddenly everyone knows you. Let’s face it, you are highly unlikely to become the next BB ki Vines, even if you produce 10 times better content than him.

Don’t wait for the viral high jump to happen. Start building your ladder to the top.

Today, at Planet of Disobedients, we started the process of ladder making for a number of artists by featuring them in our newsletter. You can find it here. Don’t forget to scroll down the page and register yourself, if you want to be featured in the next week’s newsletter. We’d wait for you!

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