The Award for ‘The Hero of The Day’ Goes to…Me

The people around me probably know me as this weird guy who keeps wandering at unlikely places, on his sister’s old scooter – handed to him after being discarded by every member of his family. Needless to say, the fucking vehicle breaks down 7 times a week.

Well, today being no exception, I landed at a mechanic to get the puncture fixed. While he was checking a tube, a lady arrived there for some work. When she was about to leave, the mechanic passed a vile remark at her. It blew up my head, and I wanted to scorn the boy right there. But by the time the lady left, and also I fear that he wouldn’t fix my tire right if I upset him. I had a long way to go and it was getting dark. All reasons not to do the right thing popped up.

But I knew if I didn’t do anything, I would be feeling bad about my cowardice for a long time. So I thought, I would pass a sarcastically insulting statement to him when I was about to leave. But the mind being the monkey that it is, all kinds of fictions started projecting up. I even wondered what if he got enraged, hit my head with one of his tools and I lay there bleeding to death.

Finally, when he was done, and I paid him – I decided to deal with the situation like an adult. I called him aside, and explained the consequences of his action to him. How that one remark could have shattered the confidence of the girl and how she would tremble remembering this experience every time she went out in dark. The guy was my age (and probably too illiterate to have a social sense), seemed to understand. I could sense his embarrassment and guilt under all the excuses he gave.

And that is how I ended up feeling like a hero today. I know I took four whopping long paragraphs to boast about the small incident – that could even be called trivial. But, I guess, heroes deserve heroic treatments. From today’s experience, I can say that often it is not that difficult to be a hero. And I think, the world would be a much better place if everyone of us decided to step up as a heroes (and heroines), every once in a while.

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