Do you feel confused often? Read this.

We live in a society that glorifies conclusions, where everyone seems to be so sure of almost about everything. Confused people are considered crazy or impotent. People who are ‘still looking’ are often looked down by those who choose to be ‘confidently blind’.

      But I wanna argue that confusion is a blessed state of mind. It is an act of not settling for the immediate option, but daring to look beyond. Roads are worthier than the destinations. And confusions are worthier than the conclusions. If you are confused, it means that the answers are on their way. All you have to do is poke and wait. Just make sure that the confusion does not ruin your calm. Things will unfold by themselves when the time is right.

Here is to the people who are not so sure. “Keep looking, don’t settle!”

What have you been confused about, lately? Comment below.

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3 Replies to “Do you feel confused often? Read this.”

  1. I have been confused if I should shift my short posts to my official website or continue with this one. That is why I posted less during previous weeks.
    And then lately, I have been confused about everything I believe in. Happily I am able to retain my calm with this grand confusion. May be some great insight is on its way.

    1. Also confusion leads to some more question for which we do something which is not meant for us by the #ConfidentBlindSociety, so keep on with your confusion, solve it and then get confuse.. Fun, isn’t it ?

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