How to Become Wise in 3 Minutes Or Less

What is the greatest symbol invented by mankind?
Not a zero.
Not infinity.
And not at all a percentage sign.
It was a question mark which marked the beginning of all wisdom. If you want to be wise, begin with this holy symbol of humanity. Take this sign and paste it on everything you know about everything.
Why should you worry about getting good grades at school?
What should we live for in life?
Why should you spend your entire life running behind money?
How shall we find out if God exists?
Why? What? How?
Wisdom has more to do with having better questions, than having better answers. You need not find all the answers. Just let them hang around your head. Although you shouldn’t let the questions overpower you, or clutter your mind. Make peace with the questions, and make peace with not knowing everything at the moment.
Yet you should seek the answers earnestly. Once you do that, the Universe shall start sending the answers on its own. You would have opened an inexhaustible supply of ‘infinite wisdom’.
Then before you know, you would have developed a clearer view towards the world. You will see the world from your eyes, not from others.
May be your traditions or morality claim that it is a sin to question certain things.
‘What is a sin, anyway?’

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