Let us go for a walk

Many of us have an intellectual side to our personality, but we almost always keep it subdued. I talk to people in casual everyday groups, and they appear disgusting. Even complete assholes. But then, sometime I get a chance to talk with them individually. You know, the  one on one soul talks over a fag, on some orange evening. And I can not help but wonder how beautiful the really are.

People have flowers inside them, but they never let it bloom. Maybe, because it is more cool to talk about booze and boobs, than wonder upon the mysteries of the universe and what is the meaning of life, and their deepest fears and complexities. Or maybe, they are threatened to be judged if they happen to show who they really are. Yet there are people like you and me, who are not only proud of our intellectual venerability, but are capable of generating the same quality in people around us too.

Next time you are about to put a person into the ‘ignore list’ because you think that they are dumb assholes, invite them for an evening walk with you. You might just happen to change their life, and end up finding a life long companion for yourself.

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