Don’t be like Pintu (the sequel)

Soon after Pintu – the wise monkey – understood the mystery of the house monkeys, he realised that he had a superpower. The power to think – that separated him from all other animals. He was thrilled with the experience of his expanded mind. He had gained the power to understand, analyse, criticize, recollect, plan, and what not. He stayed up entire nights, thinking.

But he soon lost his control over his power, and the power overpowered him. Thoughts began to chase him. ‘What if other monkeys found out that he was different and disowned him? What if all the trees were cut down and they had nowhere to go? What if someone trapped and killed him the next time he went to steal pickles from a roof? What if this…? What if that…?’ His thoughts prevented him from eating and sleeping for days and days.

On one fine day, he climbed upon a tall banana tree, and committed suicide. He could have changed the fate of his entire tribe, had he used his powers properly. He was the first monkey ever to think beyond normalcy. He became the first monkey ever to commit a suicide.

Pintu was a genius.

Pintu could have changed things.

Pintu overthought.

Pintu is dead.

Don’t be like Pintu.


Dear Readers,

I am grateful that you came back to read about Pintu. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about overthinking (pun, intended) something that I have been suffering from, reading about, and wanting to write about it. Then, this morning I heard the news of some girl committing a suicide in my locality – perhaps a teenager, and this story struck my head.

Have you ever observed a mad person uselessly babbling around something or the other throughout the day? We pity their mental state. Yet we aren’t much different from them. It’s just that we keep all those mental dialogues within ourselves and do not give them a voice. In this manner, we all are silently mad. This incessant talk is harming us as much as it does to a mad person. Pity yourself!

Since past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of research on the subject of overthinking, calming our mind to give way to creative thinking, and living a peaceful life by learning the art of mindfulness. I am no expert, but I am eager to share with you all that I have learned and applied to myself. But as the Joker says, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” Don’t worry I won’t ask your kidney, or an eye ball, all you have to do for me is scroll down this page and subscribe to this blog with your email ID. And I will email you the ‘The simple secret to become the master of your mind’.

See you in your inbox.

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