Be Like Pintu

Dear friends, I have been away from posting anything on this heart-piece of mine for quite a while, and I know that I have been thoroughly missed by my ‘wide’ audience of exactly 2 subscribers.

So what do you think, have I been doing all this time?

Once upon a time, there was a monkey, Pintu. He had a lot of friends. All day, they would hang out on the branches of the trees on the bylanes of the coloney. They would steal grains from one roof, and pickles from the other. Their life was full of fun and fury. But everytime Pintu would pass across some of the houses, he would see another monkey inside the window. He was always afraid of these other monkeys, because he appeared quite rageful. Every time he would screech at them, they seemed to screech back with double intensity.

Not only Pintu, the entire monkey community feared them. There were stories, of brutal murders committed by such mysterious house monkeys, spread around. He feared that someday, one of them would come out of the house, through those windows, and kill him; like they did to numerous other unknown monkeys.

Then, one morning, Pintu woke up to find that his friends went on a picnic, leaving him behind. He felt betrayed and sadly, started strolling from tree to tree. And he happened to pass by a house, and saw one of the cruel house monkeys standing there. Pintu’s heart started pumping heavily. He was about to run away when he noticed that the other monkey was unusually quiet that day. He too looked sad. As if, he wanted to say something.

Pintu went close to the window. He placed his shaking hands on the window, and he did the same from the other side. He sat in front of it for the whole day. ‘May be, not all the house monkeys are that bad,’ he thought. Over the next few days, he stopped carelessly spending all his time with his friends and went to meet the other monkey. Eventually, he realised that the other monkey was no one, but his own reflection.

May be, Pintu missed a hell lot of fun that his friends had while he was away. But, at the end, he knew something no one had ever known in his community. He was no more afraid of the house monkeys. The fear clutching his heart was gone. Suddenly, he was free.

This was Pintu.

Pintu likes being alone.

Pintu has the guts to do so.

Pintu contemplates upon things beyond daily chores.

Pintu is wise.

Be like Pintu.

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