The ‘Anyhow’ principle of doing anything…

After hundreds of failures to invent a light bulb, Edison said, “I know this thing can be done, all I have to find out is how.


He could have easily given up on the invention and given his energy to a number of other things. A few hundred times is enough of a struggle, and he could easily convince anyone that he tried his best. Yet, he knew that he was going to make it work anyhow and went on to make few more hundreds of errors.

He exceeded his limits by far – because he didn’t realize that they existed – because he knew how to defeat his excuses with the anyhow.

There is a difference between an A player, and a blunt who simply refuses to accept that something isn’t going to work in that particular manner. Edison was flexible about his methods and rigid about his goals. Not the other way round. That is where he separated himself from the pool of stupids. Anyhow requires the courage to explore the options, exhaust the possibilities, and learn from the failures.

Believe in the Anyhow. It works.

Have you ever witnessed this magical principle, knowingly or unknowingly, in your life? Have you ever done something that appeared almost impossible yet you did it anyhow? Share it with me (even if it is a small experience) in the comments below. Let’s ignite an intellectual discussion.

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