How to get your life unstuck when it really sucks

This year sucks as ever!

On 31st December, we stood at the edge of the last year and projected our future. Our eyes were filled with the images of how our lives were going to change drastically and miraculously in the coming year. It was a chance to start everything over. It was a chance to be the person we always wanted to be. It was a chance to create a life we always wanted to live.

But the New Year came with a cold splash of reality into our dreamy eyes. Except for the hangover from the New Year’s Eve, pretty much nothing changed. A good number of days have passed since we entered this year. The New Year isn’t new anymore. Besides, it is just the same as ever. And our life may not be as bad as it could be, yet it is nowhere near to as good as it could be.



About the pictures:

On this windy afternoon, we sneaked to the bank of this artificial lake, near our college, through a crack into the fence. My friends kept talking about various stuff. I kept quiet most of the time, listening to them (which is the most obvious thing you do, in the company of such talkative girls). Then the topic slowly drifted to poetry, and we started discussing how enchanting the water looks when it flows. And there, I got my answer to why most people end up living an ugly life, and that is the philosophy I have framed this post around.

After a couple of days, we went there again – today – but we could not get down to the bank as the authorities had mended the fence. Now, it appears to me that that crack was opened for a while, just to let the wisp of wisdom seep into my mind. Here I am, recollecting and presenting it before you with the hope that this post is gonna help you as much as it did to me.

Another cold splash (Offensive content!)

They say that if you want to woo someone, you must flatter them by making sweet sugary remarks about them. And that is exactly what most writers/bloggers do. But since my love for you is much more sublime than the mere act of wooing, I am going to tell you stuff that you might not like. Unless you belong to the acute minority of population who are actually doing something meaningful in their life, it is time you take the bitter pill.

The truth is that you are hopeless. You have got big dreams, but you do not have what it takes to pursue them. You have been a failure in almost everything you have tried, and you will remain the same forever. All your plans are zealously started, but you never quite finish them. You have got a lot of ideas, but nothing on your execution list. May be, you even belong to the category of whiners who believe that they could not do something because life has been so unfair to them, or some other excuse. You have gained an expertise in making everyone believe in your excuses. You were born a mediocre (though that’s not your fault), and you will die someday into the same mud of mediocrity. The world is never gonna give another thought that someone named you ever existed. Even when you are alive and breathing, hardly anyone gives a damn about your existence.

Here is the burnol…

No matter how fucked up your life may be, you can always move towards making it awesome by taking some really small and simple steps. (By the way, did you notice the italicised word move?) Water starts to stink when stagnant, and so does life. That is why, it is important to have a flow in life. And the good news is that you can get this flow within a matter of few days.

You can easily find those small and simple steps anywhere on the internet or in countless self-help books. A Google search on ‘how to find the passion of my life?’, ‘how to beat procrastination?’ or ‘how to get over my ex?’ gives millions of answers in return. The question that arises is that if it is so easy to move, to flow or to change, why are so many people living a pathetic life getting stuck in a scenario? The answer is that we are afraid. We are unwilling to change things because we are afraid of the society, peers, situations, or largely our own selves. The day we overcome our fear, life would become wonderful.

Break the bonds and flow.

Place a stone in the way of water, it flows from the sides. Build a wall against it, it would collect itself and overflow with greater force. You can harness the same force of movement to make your life as unstoppable as water.

But the process of moving forward almost always means leaving something behind. A lot of people get scared by this. And they should be, because those things are often either dear to us, or we are so habitual to them that life seems impossible without them. And that makes the move even harder. It hurts to move on from a love relationship even though it badly effects both of you. It hurts even more to get your bum out of that cozy sofa and complete an article that has been pending since weeks (been there, done that).

Moving forward is all about making decisions or choices. Very often, we know exactly what is to be done, yet we don’t give ourselves the emotional permission to do that. We are afraid to loose what we have, and worried about everything that might go wrong. No doubt, delayed decisions have caused much more destruction in our lives than wrong decisions. And philosophically, there are no wrong decisions as such. Every turn leads you somewhere. It is all a matter of perspective, how you see your path. It is all about being able to see a possibility in every situation. That is the art of flowing.

It is obvious to fear the change, to move on. You might think that it would hurt like hell. But once you really free yourself from things that are holding you back in life, and move on – you will feel awesome. It is to be noted that life won’t suddenly change after you move. There will still be time when you will be tempted to go back. But water never moves back, so shouldn’t you.

It is high time. It is time to take charge of your life. It is time to stop dreaming, and start chasing them. It is time to become unstoppable like the flowing water. It is time to stop being a looser anymore.

You have already come out as a victor by defeating innumberous sperms and making it to life. This life is a price of that hard earned victory. This life is the most precious thing you have got. Don’t loose it on petty things that pull you back. Move. Flow. Stop being stagnent. Stop stinking. Find a passion. Seek your purpose on this earth, and dedicate your life to it. It will take you places.

“…and once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” – Steve Jobs

About the author: My name is Saurabh Srivastava, and I am the creator of this blog. I am working on a new platform called ‘Planet Of Disobedients‘ to provide the best place online for open-minded people to discuss, engage, and connect with one another in a way never offered before. Grab my FREE report, How to professionalize your passion/hobby without getting out of your bed – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE, that would help you to make an important move and connect you to the purpose of your life.

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  1. It took me more than a week to frame this post, and it eventually turned out so good that i was reluctant to publish it on this blog as it has too less traffic. Had i guest posted it elsewhere i would have got far more benefits out of it. But then, sometime we got to think outside the boundaries of profit and loss, and do things in a certain way – just because that’s the way they must be done. Here it is…another precious collection to my personal memoir.

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