Kya aap mujhse fraandship karoge?!

Do I sound like some cheap Facebook guy, messaging random girls, begging for their attention? Yes, I am THAT desperate to befriend you.

I bribe you…

I want to go an extra mile to make sure that you become an integral member of the small intellectual tribe that I have got in this tiny corner of the Internet. So, if you take some time out of your busy schedule to enrich my posts with your valuable insights in the form of your comments, I’ll make sure I return the favor by doing somethings special for you – something that separates you from others who just read my stuff and disappeared. After all, friendship is a two way process, right?

A Magician Never Reveals His Tricks… (But I’ll.)

The Magician makes a woman rise up on the stage, but never lets anyone know where he hides the cord. That is what makes magic, magic. Same is the case with every creative person. They pick up things (call it ‘inspirations’, to save face) from many spots, paint it in their own color and present it as something completely new, and amazing. But I will reveal my cords before you, even at the risk of appearing less of a magician.  EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG WILL GET AN EMAIL WITHIN NEXT 24 HOURS, THAT WOULD CONTAIN ALL THE ARTICLES (FROM DIFFERENT PLACES ON THE INTERNET) WHICH INSPIRED ME TO WRITE THAT PARTICULAR POST. I MIGHT ALSO INCLUDE SOME BEHIND THE SCENE STUFF THAT OTHERS MIGHT NEVER GET TO KNOW. Yes, I shall let the cat out of the bag. Yes, I am THAT desperate to befriend you.


Why am I doing it?

I have lately started this cute little blog (read the story behind its name) where I post little bits and pieces of philosophical insights that I come across in my personal life. How do you feel when you go out wearing those brand new shoes of yours, and none of your friends compliment you? Same is my matter with this blog, although it is more valuable than all the shoes in the world.

I am not applying any of the tactics to attract extra traffic source, but I want this place to build up organically, where you bring in your friends, and they bring theirs. I want this blog to grow, not out of some expert strategy, but out of love.

And I love you. Do you love me?

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