Celestine Agents

Last day I was talking to a friend, and she told me something pretty amazing that she read somewhere.

“How’d it be if we knew that there is someone paying heed to all our wishes and assigning an agent fulfill them?”

That one ‘thought-let’ has been up in my head lately. And then, on this day of Xmas, I am convinced that we all are each other’s Santa Claus, fulfilling each other’s wishes.

The guy who got you 5 minutes late because he awkwardly parked his car blocking your way – yeah, the one you are still swearing – was an agent of your mother’s wish who is praying back at home for your long life, as you were about to become the part of a fatal accident at the next crossroad. We may not know, but whatever someone is doing to us, they are doing it for our good. Sometimes we realise it, sometimes we don’t.

With this first post of my personal blog, I wish you a merry Christmas.  Despite its odds, your life is already very beautiful, hope you realise it.

Let us remember all the Santa’s of our life. Here is a picture with a friend of mine who became my Santa today by suggesting this awesome blog name. Read that story here.


(With Rhitwik (left, a bit less smart), at our favourite roadside joint CCD (Chachhu Chaye ki Dukan) having momos with Xmas-tea)

So, now I would like you to share at least one event or situation where you felt the presence of these ‘Celestine Agents’ around you – in the comment section below.

Please don’t be a ghost reader. Do leave a trace. Let me know you are there. I am eagerly looking forward to reading and replying to your comments.

With regards,


8 Replies to “Celestine Agents”

  1. Okay, so this incident happened to me a month ago. I came to the class late , as usual after being absent for almost a week, and it was unfortunately the day to submit an assignment in class. Dazed, I ached for help as I looked around. And there she was, a friend of mine, who was standing right there with my assignment! OH, I SWEAR SHE LOOKED LIKE AN ANGEL TO ME or what you call a ‘ CELSETINE AGENT!’

    PS. Thankyou.
    PSS. I like your article!

    1. Hi Vasu,
      Thanks for the appreciation, and I am glad you liked it. And yes, that’d have been an awesome feeling. We are all surrounded by these Celestine Agents all the time. Life become beautiful the moment we realise it.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Saurabh. 🙂

  2. As I entered max showroom at phoenix mall..maa asked me to pickup things for myself. Dad smiled n said go ahead. Month is about to end , festive season is on , pocket is tight but still these two my personal favourite Santa keeps me high spirited. Its about Xmas presents.

    1. Hi Itika,
      Yes, I can totally get your excitement of getting a free pass to shop just anything, although I have been devoid of this feeling lately. :p
      Parents are always our Santa’s. Unfortunately, only a few of us realise it. Congrats, you are one of them.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Saurabh. 🙂

  3. Wow..saurabh..keep on writing…today my santa was none but you…yes you..c’mon don’t be so happy, writer…but still, thank you santa..for inspiring me to write yet another time.. Your writings fill me with the calm and peace i need to write..despite the fact that some of your writings are just so…ehh,lets not say this…😊..so thank you so much santa uncle…merry christmas

    1. Hi Garima,
      Ah, thanks. I am flattered by your words. You made my Xmas merrier, so glad that I brought you a bit closer to writing. I am eagerly waiting for you to set sails with your pen, as I would love to read your stuff.
      Thank you, once again, for calling me your Santa, but trust me I have quite a flat belly. Hahaha.

  4. Okay…we are talking about secret angels, right? I have not one, two but four such angels. They knocked my door before Christmas and thanks to them am more like me. And saurabh, yes you, you are one among them. :*

    1. Hi Supriya,
      I am glad, I made it to your Santa list. Thank you for imputing that thought into my head that lead to the creation of this post. You are the friend mentioned in the opening of the post, you know that. Keep telling me such wonderful stuff to fuel my creativity.
      Saurabh. 🙂

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